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Our family story

Our family story

Our history

We are second generation of our family business

  1. Our family story

    The first generation works as seasonial workers in the canton of URI

    The family history begins in the 1970s when the first generation emigrated to Switzerland as seasonal workers.
  2. Our family story

    Starting work as a painter at the Basel company Marcel Fischer AG

    Move to Basel City. Starting work as a painter at the Basel company Marcel Fischer AG
  3. Our family story

    The first self-employment. Opening of a Watches Jewellery Store with wholesale licence

    After many years of professional experience in construction, the 1st generation decided to become self-employed in a completely different industry. Precision and an appreciation for beautiful things convinced the first investment in a watch and jewellery store.
  4. Our family story

    Acquisition of first properties in the area of Basel

    A decision taken for strategic reasons led the first generation to sell the watch and jewellery shop and to invest the profit in the first property in Switzerland in the city of Basel.
  5. Our family story

    Expansion and continuation of own real estate portfolio

    The first property was an old property that was completely renovated. The gained knowledge and experience confirmed the decision to expand the portfolio and buy properties in Switzerland and the Balkans.
  6. Our family story

    Company mutation into SPI-Solution AG takeover by the 2nd generation

    The 2nd generation consisting of three brothers, who have educated in real estate, banking, finance, investment and IT development, now had the opportunity to unite the existing family assets with their know-how. The family business is now being managed by the 2nd generation.

We today

Our line-up today

Managing director

Sreten Petković

Born in Tuzla in 1985, the middle of three brothers, Sreten Petković grew up in Switzerland. He attended the Thiersteiner Primary School and completed his compulsory education with the aim of training as a businessman at the Commercial High School in Basel.

Starting his professional life at Regimo Basel AG, he quickly discovered his passion for real estateand developed into a recognized specialist in the areas of investment, management and development.

Today he manages the family business in second generation and develops the existing and new business areas together with his brothers.

Sreten teaches various real estate courses at several educational institutions with different levels of education. For his work-life balance he likes to travel and is active in sports (sometimes more, sometimes less).

Managing partner

Stojan Petković

Born in Tuzla in 1978, Stojan Petkovic is the eldest of three brothers. He attended elementary school in the former Yugoslavia and moved to Switzerland in 1990s as a teenager. After successful attendance in the transition class and learning the German language, he trained as a nurse at the Graduate-Middle-School in Basel.

After several professional adancements up to the position of Emergency Ward Manager at the University Hospital in Basel, he decided to dedicate himself more to his passion of medical informatics. Thus, he successfully completed his MAS degree in medical informatics in 2018.

Within the family business, he took over the areas of digitalization and processes. In addition, he supports the various ideas of the start-ups and their successful development with his know-how.

In his free time, Stojan Petkovic likes to be in nature, in the mountains and most of all he likes to explore the landscapes on his bike. At family events he is also responsible for the music and likes to inspire with his latest mix.

Managing partner

Vlado Petković

Born in Basel in 1993 and thus the youngest of the bunch, Vlado Petkovic followed in the footsteps of his brothers. He attended the same elementary school as his brother Sreten, the Thiersteiner Primary School, and was also partially taught at the Economy High School in Basel by the same teachers.

After completing the vocational baccalaureate at the commercial high school in Reinach, he successfully started his professional life as a commercial employee. With his many years of professional experience at Basellandschaftliche Kantonalbank, he is now responsible for the areas of investment strategiesand financing within the family business.

In his free time, he is active in sports and attaches great importance to his nutrition.


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